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My SEXY Videos!

                                                    Updated Video List!


                                                            -Solo -

Scarlet Touch - Me masturbating with my fingers on my bed, full body, moans and touching ;) - 5:01 - $10

UBER VIDEO (Part 1 & 2) - Dancing, Striptease, Dildo play, Dildo BJ, Breast Bondage and More - 24:00 total - $20

Two-Toy Overload Part 1 - DP + Anal + Anthro Fetish - I use a realistic dildo in my pussy in combination with a k9 fetish toy in my tight hole - Biggest anal insertion I’ve ever done so far. Unedited, minor interruption at the end (see part 2 for continuation) - 7:21 - $5

Two-Toy Overload Part 2 - DP + Anal + Anthro Fetish - Continuation. I use a realistic dildo in my pussy in combination with a k9 fetish toy in my tight hole - Biggest anal insertion I’ve ever done so far and it was NOT EASY! (Major concentration/muscle adjusting at the end before I had to stop) - 20:00 - $10

Body Tour + Toy BJ - I give you a slow and intimate tour of every inch of my body while taking a warm bath. I also brought a realistic toy ;) I place it nearby, pour on some creamy cum mixture and suck it like it deserves. Messy but fun! - 10:04 - $10

Recliner Fun - In a strappy black outfit I sit back in my recliner, using a dildo, lots of lube and my magic wand to make myself cum. - 14:11 - $10

Facial with Toy - In the warm bathwater we go exploring again ;) I play with myself, show my body to you, and bring out my large toy (or is it your hard cock?) to suck and tease. I pour a creamy, delicious cum mixture all over my breasts and face to give you a sexy image to remember. I wish it was you… - 21:03 - $15

Spin cycle - I climb aboard the SS Washing Machine for a fun trip - Large realisic dildo, a tight squeeze into my pussy and a sexy ride ;) Something so clean can still be dirty - 8:19 - $10

MESSY BJ + TittyFuck w/ Toy - I love my big dildo, it’s so real that it feels like a cock in my mouth. I can’t resist sometimes. I slather it and myself in a messy mix of faux-cum and my own various juices as I enjoy a blowjob fantasy of my own. A bit of Tittyfucking included. - 11:26 - $10

SelfPlay - Closeup - Watch a short clip of me playing with my pussy and clit just for you ;) - $2 (available as a sample with a couple pd msgs on mgf)

Scarlet Spread Eagle - Spread out on my bed, my pussy within reach, you watch me touch and pleasure myself while teasing my nipples - 4:00 - $7

Bathtime Fun - Me using my glass toy on my semi-fuzzy pussy in the jacuzzi bath - 1:47 - $5

                                                     -Sex Machine-

Robo-Lover 1 - Me using my fuck machine on my bed, view from behind/doggy style - 7:15 - $10

Robo-Lover 2 - Using my fuck machine in my livingroom, side view, on all fours. - 3:00 - $7

                                             -Boy/Girl (some Fetish too)-

Quick Cum&Fuck - B/G - Side-view, me and a partner having a quickie. Guy on Top. 3:06 - $10

15 Minutes Of Fun - B/G - Side view and behind view mixed, multiple positions, Girl and Guy on Top - 15:00 - $20

Scarlet Tops - B/G - Me on top, Guys POV. 3:22 - $10

Scarlet Orgasm - B/G - I finally get to cum! A partner sucks on my nipples and teases me while I use my magic wand on my clit, I return the favor by teasing him while I’m pleasured. Loud orgasm. - 6:12 - $10

Double-Vibrator - B/G - A partner uses my remote controlled vibrators on my pussy and clit until I squirm with delight. Mmm. - 8:03 - $10

Dining on Scarlet - B/G Oral - A partner rubs, licks, sucks and teases my clit and pussy. Nipple pinches too. Yum. - 12:53 - $10

Footjob Tease/HJ/BJ - Foot Fetish + B/G - I give a teasing footjob, then continue with stroking and sucking afterwards. Reccomended for FF lovers only - 5:55 - $10

Handjob/Footjob/Blowjob - Foot Fetish + B/G - Mixed handjob and blowjob, then a cumshot on my stroking toes. Reccomended for FF lovers only. - 4:31 - $15

Blowjob Yum - B/G - Guys POV - Me giving a blowjob to a partner. I wipe him down (messy lube), suck him, play with his balls and have my slow and teasing way with him - 7:12 - $15

SexyTime - My First Sex Video Part 1 and 2- side-view of sex, Girl on Top. Slow and sensual. Unedited. - 2 Parts, 7:00 total - $7

My First BJ video - B/G - I give a quick blowjob to a partner after a shower. Low/Poor quality, prior to camera upgrade - 4:21 - $5


Housecleaning Porno Break - I’m cleaning my house and get tired, a bath felt nice, but my horniess can’t be ignored. I watch some sexy bondage porn and cum at my desk. I hope no one saw me do that… - 5:33 - $5

Housecleaning porno break 2 - I have so much to do, but I just can’t help myself, round two! I enjoy a large toy in my pussy as I watch some more delicious porn that I love. (Note: porn visible) 8:22 - $5

Housecleaning pornp break 3 - On a roll. Another video of some private time watching porn instead of being productive ;) Toy sucking and Loud orgasm! (Note: Porn visible)- 10:13 - $5

Chatfuck - You’re watching from under my desk while I play with myself during a naughty skype cyberchat. I use a veiny dildo in my pussy, then another soft realistic dildo later, and rub my clit til I tingle. VERY LONG VIDEO - 20:00+ - $20

Ignore/Voyeur - Relaxing - I watch TV, text on my phone and relax in my black dress that hugs my curves. You can look, but nothing more! - $5

Ignore/Voyeur - Bedroom - I go about my day off, straightening up my bedroom and playing with my phone, talking to a sexy guy that ISN’T you. Want something? - $5

                                               - Exhibitionism -

Sneaky Scarlet - I take my large and realistic toy with me on a little naughty adventure. On my deck in broad daylight I fuck and suck my suction cup dildo! Some neighbor boys saw me briefly but I kept going anyway :D - 8:11 - $15

                                                 - Anthro Fetish -

WoofToy - B/G Crossover - I use my inflatable k9 fetish/creature toy to pleasure myself, full body + doggy style angles. A partner joins in to fuck me hard with the toy while I helplessly take it on all fours. - $20

Fantasy Evening - Me on my bed, legs spread and sliding my k9 toy in and out of my pussy. Nipples teased and oh so good! - 11:27 - $10

Scarlet Fantasy Toy - Using my Anthro/k9 toy to pleasure myself to orgasm (Note: Not high quality) - 11:52 - $10

Fantasy Toy Large - Another of me using my larger anthro/k9 toy, it drives me wild! - 11:49 - $15

Anthro Fantasy Toy Merged - Long Version - 26 minutes of howling good fun with my k9-fantasy toy. - 26:26 - $20

Anthro Fantasy Toy Sample - short sample of me using the k9 fetish toy - 2:45 - $5

Toy Demo - k9 toy demo, watch me pump up the knot of my awesome toy! - $1 or one paid mgf message requesting it.

                                               -Breast Fetish-

Bouncy Boobs - Close angle - Playing with my Large breasts after a shower, touching, bouncing, stroking and pinching my nipples for you - Quick and Dirty Vid - 3:00 - $5

Titty Tease - Close angle - I stroke, rub and tease with my Big breasts and nipples just inches from your face. - 5:07 - $5

Titty Tease 2 - Lets kick it up a notch! - Close angle, I tease my nipples to hardness, then put some clamps I had nearby onto them, pinching them firmly in front of your eyes and leaving them on. Afterwards I soothe them with an oil massage. - 7:32 - $5

                                                     - Foot Fetish -

Foot massage with lotion - I rub my feet down with pedicure lotion, making them nice and shiny. I wrinkle my soles, splay and point my toes and have fun teasing your inner Foot Fetishist - 6:39 - $10

Footjob Tease/HJ/BJ - Foot Fetish + B/G Crossover- I give a teasing footjob, then continue with stroking and sucking afterwards. Reccomended for FF lovers only - 5:55 - $10

Footjob/Handjob/Blowjob - Foot Fetish + B/G Crossover - Mixed handjob and blowjob, then a cumshot on my stroking toes. Recommended for FF lovers only. - 4:31 - $15

Foot Fetish - Soapy Toes - I show off my long toes, wrinkled soles and soapy feet in the bathtub . $5

Foot Fetish - Dirty Footbath - I show you my dirty feet from a day of barefoot yardwork, time to get them clean ;) $5

Foot Fetish - Toes in the Tub - I splay, point and wiggle my toes in the clear water for you to watch. $5

Foot Fetish - Pedicure - I paint my toenails a lovely and sensual red color. Are you passionate for my cute toes? $5

                                             Hair Fetish/Shaving

Fuzzy Scarlet - I show a nice close view of my hairy pussy before I shave, just long enough to play with and tug. I’m soaking wet and playing with my clit. $5

Scarlet Shaving - After a few minutes of play, I lather up with shaving cream and use a fresh razor to shave my pussy and mons. Mmm, so smooth. Lickable, kissable, and so sensitive. $10

Leg Shaving - A brief vid of me shaving my legs in the bathtub. - Add-on vid.

                                                -Martial Arts Fetish-

Martial Arts Practice  - Blooper Reel - I was tipsy, in heels, just bad news all around XD. One of the multiple blooper reels of me trying to practice. - 6:30 - $5

Martial Arts/Weapon Fetish - Nunchuck Fuck - Me using my nunchucks in very unusual ways ;) - 17:21 - $10

Martial Arts/Weapon Fetish - Sai Vid - Me playing with my dual Sais, then using one on my tender pussy. Oooh… - 15:05 - $10

                                                   - Other Fetishes -

Humiliate+Ignore Fetish - Mocking you with a toy for being a pathetic little Sissy - Even rubber can please me better than you ever could. - $10

Ripoff Fetish -  You don’t deserve my attention, but I deserve everything you have. ;) RO FETISH - $50

Tease&Denial with Large Toy - I show you how I would please you with my soft little hands, pretending my incredibly realistic toy is your hard cock - $10

Yiffing/Plushie - Using my bulldog plushie and a nice, long strap-on dildo, I hump, suck and diddle my fuzzy buddy ;) $10

Chewing/Food Fetish - Nomming on some gummy worms, I spend some extra time sucking their delicious coating off before finally chowing down. ;) $5

Mouth Explore with Mirror - Using a handheld mirror, I show and relect every nook and cranny of my lovely mouth. $5

Mouth&Throat - We must go deeper! ;) Enjoy a glimpse into my hot and wet mouth, throat, etc. $5

Makeup/Skincare Fetish - One Video of me applying my lotion and skincare routine, Second video is my makeup routine. Eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. - $5 each or $8 for both.

Eating/Food Fetish - Eating a yummy meal of chicken alfredo. Mmm! - $5

Burping - Enjoying a big soda, all that carbonation, it’s hard to hold it in! - $5

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